10/21/2020 Something Else! Reviews, Album review , 'Kevin Godley, William Shatner, Raphael Pannier + Others: Five for the Road'

LOS MOCOSOS – ALL GROWN UP (R&B/ROCK): This is Los Mocosos’s first album in 15 years, but you’d never know it from listening to All Grown Up. The title track contains infectious hooks, compelling rhythms and powerfully funky horns. “United We Stand,” the first single, touches on the current social unrest and injustice which in impacting the Latinx community. The lyrics are never preachy, yet are clear in their conviction and passion. Los Mocosos’s combination of ska, Latin soul, and rock is cohesive and energetic, and that’s even more fascinating given the workshop approach employed to create All Grown Up. Regardless of how the album came together, I for one am glad Los Mocosos is back. This is good stuff.