10/01/2020 Pasadena Weekly, TRAX, Album review , 'Trax 10/01/20: LOS MOCOSOS, All Grown Up (self–released)'

The veteran Bay Area Latin funk-rock-salsa ensemble reconvenes with a mix of celebratory dance tracks (“Viva Los Mocosos”) and pointed messages for this chaotic political season. “There will be a day/ When you let go of hate/ And when you see my face/ You see the human race,” newcomer Juan Ele Perez sings over a slinky groove during lead single “United We Stand,” while the saxophone-threaded “It’s All Good” references threats and changes to the neighborhood with more nostalgic restraint, and the hopeful “Brothers & Sisters” pledges, “We fall together or we fall apart/ A change is coming, I can feel it in my heart.”